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Adventist Christian Fellowship

To provide a vibrant and relevant faith community for our members and other interested individuals in the CSU community. We want to promote mental, physical, social, and spiritual growth among CSU students, faculty, and staff by providing opportunities

Alpha Omega (AO)

Alpha Omega is the campus ministry of the Fort Collins Christian Church at Colorado State University. Our mission is to love God and make Him known. Loving God is our purpose. The Bible is our standard. Reaching out is our passion.

Antioch College Ministry

We have a Passion for Jesus and His Purposes on the Earth. Our goals as a college ministry is to Love one Another, Fight for One Another, and Initiate with those around us to bring Jesus into the CSU Community.

Black Campus Ministry (BCM)

BCM (Black Campus Ministry) is committed to reaching black students and faculty at majority institutions and universities nationwide, ministering to the unique needs of the community to develop extraordinary Black Christian leaders and world changers.

Buddhism for World Peace

Alongside seeking to create lasting friendships and global change, the Buddhism for World Peace Club seeks to encourage students to engage in academic, civic and community activities based on the SGI-USA's concepts of peace, culture, and education.

Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU)

The purpose of the Chapter is to build movements of people who are transformed by Jesus Christ. The student-led movement seeks to introduce students to Christ, help them to grow in faith, encourage them to passionately live knowing they are loved by God.

Catholic Campus Ministry-RamCatholic (Ram Catholic)

A student ministry supported by the local Blessed John the 23rd Catholic Parish, Catholic Campus Ministry strives to introduce and build up student's in their faith through many happenings.

Chabad Jewish Student Organization. (Chabad)

To create a home away from home for Jewish students at Colorado State University. Chabad Jewish Student Organization provides for the cultural, educational and religious Jewish needs and resources for students and local community.

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship (The Outpost)

To be a community of Christ followers and seekers who gather to worship and grow in knowledge and love of Jesus.

Christian Challenge (CC)

To minister to college-aged students in Northern Colorado and help them grow in their walk with Christ and advance the Gospel of Christ wherever they go.

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