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Alpha Epsilon Pi International Fraternity (AEPi)

AEPi is the Jewish Fraternity, dedicated to building Jewish leaders of today and tomorrow. Membership exploring what it means to be a Jew, to philanthropic work with a variety of global organizations, to being at the forefront of academic achievement.

Alpha Gamma Omega (AGO)

Alpha Gamma Omega is a Christ-centered fraternity. We are focused on brotherhood and holding each other to a high standard of accountability, so that we may become better men of God. We aim for high scholastic achievement and campus-wide involvement.

Alpha Sigma Phi (Alpha Sig)

Our focus is to provide an enriching brotherhood experience, character and leadership development, and To Better the Man through the values of Silence, Charity, Purity, Honor, and Patriotism.

Alpha Tau Omega (ATO)

The CSU chapter of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity is a Brotherhood of men who value personal and leadership development while supporting each other and the community with Love and Respect.

Delta Chi Fraternity

The Delta Chi fraternity is a social fraternity at CSU. Our mission is to promote friendship, develop character, advance justice, and assist in the acquisition of a sound education.

Interfraternity Council (IFC)

To maintain fraternity life and Interfraternity relatations at a high level of accomplishment and in doing so to act as a coordinating body for all national fraternity organizations.

Kappa Sigma Fraternity (Kappa Sigma)

The Kappa Sigma Fraternity promotes the ideal of brotherhood. It actively contributes to the personal growth and development of its members. The fraternity promotes ethical behavior and decision making.

Nu Alpha Kappa Fraternity, Inc. (NAK)

A multicultural based fraternity which encompasses all values and cultures seeking to unite and involve all students in a more harmonious and brotherly atmosphere through, academic, social, and cultural means.

Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI)

Phi Gamma Delta, or FIJI, is a fraternal organization dedicated to developing men of character within the academic setting, with the aim that they will become fully contributing members of society.

Phi Kappa Tau (Phi Tau)

Phi Kappa Tau is a group of men gathered together in order "to champion a lifelong commitment to brotherhood, learning, ethical leadership and exemplary character."

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