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Afghan Student Association (AFA)

Afghan Student Association belongs to the Afghan students at Colorado State University. AFA holds cultural events about Afghanistan at CSU and Fort Collins community. AFA is also a helpful resource for incoming new Afghan students at CSU.

Africans United

Our mission is to unite students through diversity on campus as well as in the community. We educate about the diverse cultures of Africa through dances, food, programming and cultural events. You don't have to be African to be part of Africans United.

Amani Club

Amani club is made up of African CSU students and community residents of Fort Collins. The purpose of Amani is to bring together a group of friends with common interests which include social gatherings, leisure/education trips among other activities.

American Sign Language Club (ASL Club)

ASL Club is a group of students/faculty who love sign language and deaf culture! Through fun events and activities, we hope to educate the community about this great language and the people who use it. No signing experience required!

Arabic Club

A place to study and practice the Arabic language as well as experience Arabic culture and engage with Arabic community members.

Asian Pacific American Student Association (APASA)

This student organization will help students connect and learn about APA culture, including helping organizing the APA Awareness Month series of events in the Spring Semester

Black Definition

To provide knowledge of African American culture to the campus of Colorado State University and share black awareness year-round with an emphasis on the month of February which is, Black History Month.

Bridges International

Bridges International is a caring community of Christ-followers committed to serve, promote social connections and engage in spiritual conversations with international students so that students become leaders internationally.

Campus Feminist Alliance (CFA)

Campus Feminist Alliance exists to further human rights activism in the community through a feminist lens.

Chinese Language Club (Chinese Club)

The Chinese Language Club at Colorado State University is a group of students currently studying the Chinese language. We are actively working to spread the appreciation and understanding of Chinese culture around the CSU's campus!

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