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One Health Club (OHC)

The CSU One Health Club supports the global One Health Initiative through organized involvement and collaboration with the environmental, public, and animal health communities.

350 at CSU (350CSU)

350 CSU is dedicated to building a global climate movement through participation in climate-focused campaigns, projects and actions led from the bottom-up. Whether acting locally or joining allies in a bigger fight our mission is to effect REAL change.

Academic Village Residence Hall (Academic Village)

We are the Academic Village - Aspen, Honors, and Engineering! The Acadmic Village is a set of buildings, students, and staff that exist to help students discover their place and purpose at CSU.

Active Minds at CSU

Our mission is to raise awareness among our peers about suicide and mental health, as well as promote help-seeking behavior. We want to create a community that is not only supportive but conscious of depressive, self-destructive, or suicidal behavior.

Adult Learner and Veteran Services (ALVS)

We believe a vibrant, multi-generational student body enhances the experience of all individuals throughout the University and surrounding community. The Adult Learner and Veteran Services office is located in room 288 the Lory Student Center.

Adventist Christian Fellowship

To provide a vibrant and relevant faith community for our members and other interested individuals in the CSU community. We want to promote mental, physical, social, and spiritual growth among CSU students, faculty, and staff by providing opportunities

Africans United

Our mission is to unite students through diversity on campus as well as in the community. We educate about the diverse cultures of Africa through dances, food, programming and cultural events. You don't have to be African to be part of Africans United.

Aggies Offroad Racing & Development (AORD)

Aggies Offroad Racing & Development aims at providing an environment where students can learn concepts relating to design and MFG. of off-road vehicles. AORD also contains the Baja SAE competition team, which participates in the Collegiate Design Comp.

Agri-Business Association (ABA)

The Colorado State University Agribusiness Association (ABA) is an organization devoted to the education and further understanding of the agricultural business through club-sponsored meetings, volunteer activities networking with a variety of industries

Agricultural Ambassadors (Ag Ambassadors)

Ag Ambassadors are outstanding students who are selected and trained to represent the College at various functions. They actively recruit at high schools, conduct tours on campus, and assist during the College of Agricultural Sciences activities

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