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A+ Gaming

A group for hanging out and everything gaming

Ability Club (AC)

This student organization welcomes anyone with or without a disability to join and be apart of our search for identity and community.

Academic Interest Group (AIG)

The purpose and mission if the organization is to develop leadership skills among HDFS students. Students will benefit from developing closer relationships with the HDFS faculty, community, and peers. Students will have the opportunity to

Academic Village

We are the Academic Village - Aspen, Honors, and Engineering! The Acadmic Village is a set of buildings, students, and staff that exist to help students discover their place and purpose at CSU.

Academic Village Events Crew (AV Events Crew)

AV Events Crew is the hall council and events planning board for Academic Village at Colorado State University. AV Events Crew is designed to plan fun and educational events for residents living in Academic Village, and is a resource for residents of AV.

Academy of STEM Scholars (ASTEMS)

To promote excellence within the CSU scientific community through the presentation and publication of STEM research.

Action not Apathy (AnA)

This organization has not yet updated their description.

Actuary Club (CSUAC)

The purpose of the Actuary Club is to benefit students majoring in or interested in the actuarial discipline.

Adult Learner and Veteran Services (ALVS)

We believe a vibrant, multi-generational student body enhances the experience of all individuals throughout the University and surrounding community. The Adult Learner and Veteran Services office is located in room 288 the Lory Student Center.

Adventist Christian Fellowship

To provide a vibrant and relevant faith community for our members and other interested individuals in the CSU community. We want to promote mental, physical, social, and spiritual growth among CSU students, faculty, and staff by providing opportunities

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