Parent Organization: Registered Student Organizations

The purpose of this organization is to promote scholastic excellence within the discipline of Ethnic Studies by providing a positive social and academic environment for students of Ethnic Studies to encourage and cooperate with one another. The Students of Ethnic Studies Raising Voices of Empowerment will accomplish this broad goal by advancing theoretical and methodological aptitude of both graduate and undergraduate students. To do so, this organization will seek the assistance of the Ethnic Studies Department and the community at large. Our goals are to create an academic journal for students of Ethnic Studies to publish their research. Start an annual departmental conference that will coincide with the release of the journal. To host events and speakers that embodies the mission and goals of the Ethnic Studies department and the SERVE. These activities will provide two main benefits. First, it will help Ethnic Studies students engage with communities on and off campus in order to effect meaningful change in public policy and social life, and second it will advance the standing of the CSU Ethnic Studies department to a higher level of esteem within the academic world.

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Address Fort Collins, CO 80521
Phone Number P:(970) 491-2418