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Event Time and Date

Wednesday, February 22 2017, 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Fanny Starr, born in 1922 shares her story of living though the Holocaust for over five years. 


Fanny Starr, born in Poland in 1922, a Holocaust survivor who survived the notorious Auschwitz death camp and many other concentration camps shares her experiences and stories with the CSU community of her endurance of living through the Holocaust. Fanny Starr is dedicated to fighting Holocaust deniers and defeating Anti-Semitism. Fanny Starr's liberation day occurred on April 15, 1945. The British Army liberated Bergen Belsen concentration camp. The concentration camp Bergen Belsen used germ warfare versus gas; the germ Typhus was the weapon used to kill the prisoners. After Fanny had endured the horrors of the Holocaust and lost her family, she and her husband went on to lecture on keep the memory of the Holocaust alive in the face of deniers. 



This event is sponsored by ASCSU.

Lory Student Center

1101 Center Avenue Mall , Fort Collins, Colorado