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Event Time and Date

Friday, April 28 2017, 4:30 AM to Saturday, April 29 2017, 10:00 PM
3 Days until this Event

Greetings Summoners!
We are happy to announce our Final event of the semester! Sponsored by TESPA and COCA-COLA!
TESPA, and RIOT Swag will be given away at the end of each day in the form of a Raffle for those who are present at the time of the Raffle!
Food and drink will be provided!

This event is a little different as it will be a 2-day LAN with day one Friday the 28th being a more casual OverWatch and general; hangout day. Day 2 Saturday the 29th will be the full day LoL LAN.

Updates will be posted on this page.

The drafting for Saturday will be starting by 11:00-11:30AM set up by 10:30, and the tournament itself will end up starting around noon. You MUST be present at 10:00AM to participate in the tournament (players allowing).

Players will be required to bring the following:
- A computer to play on
- An Ethernet cable (20ft preferred)
- A keyboard/mouse
- And any interested friends!! (Optional, but feel free to! :D )

Every player will be allotted a maximum of 2 power outlets.

Tournament Rules can be read here: http://csulol.com/node/71
Anything not covered by these rules will fall to the admins of the tournament to decide on. ( Yorosmai, denon39, mooshy, and Cecrops13)

At 80 players, we will split the event into a lower and upper division (split by the median ranking, which is generally around Gold 3-5).

The format for team drafting will either be a snek or standard draft. Making this decision plays a vital part in team’s performances so we will make the judgement call on the draft setting after we have seen the participating players.

The actual tournament will be either a group stage or double elimination format depending on how many players we get!

We invite gamers of all kinds to come and join us! We generally have people playing a multitude of games in their downtime between League games and during the dinner break!

The eSports Association is not liable nor responsible for lost or damaged items or equipment. By going to the event, you agree to the terms and conditions.

If you have any questions, please contact any of the following tournament admins:
Dennon "denon39" Meiklejohn
Adam "Cecrops13" Davis

We hope to see you all there!! Good luck, and have fun! :)

Scott Bioengineering 101

Event Category:

Social Event